Reaching your Wonderland…

Success rarely happens by chance. In a solid co-creative effort, our 6-step process helps define your operation, incl. organisational needs and executional setup.

  1. GET started
    Assess all existing company data, user- and market data, define the competitive set, define the opportunity strategically and in numbers, including GAP analysis.

  2. GET focused
    Focus products, markets and channels in details. Describe the customer journey and create the experience design in accordance with brand standards.

  3. GET organised
    Assess the internal capacity and capabilities. Build the consortium proposal around these. Define process setup: Establishment of strategic committee, progress committee, and timeline for the first 6 to 12 months.

  4. GET ready
    This is about getting ready to kick off. Embracing data capabilities and backend setup, shop design, establishment of call centre and logistical solution plus digital marketing- and CRM strategy.

  5. GET smarter
    The first period will be about getting hands-on insights for little money. Trying out smaller pilots and getting valuable learnings to scale. The variables at test will be markets, channels, targeting and messaging.

  6. GET growing
    Examining the number of pilots in the previous phase, we will be able to build the plan to “Wonderland” both in terms of investments and timeline, adjust previous hypotheses, and start the focused journey.